MaxCompute data, such as tables and resources, is billed based on the storage space used on a daily basis. This topic describes MaxCompute storage pricing.

MaxCompute records the volume of data stored in each project on an hourly basis and then calculates the average volume of data stored for the day. The storage expense is equal to the average volume of data stored multiplied by the unit price.

The daily MaxCompute storage fee is calculated by applying the tiered unit prices in the following table to the average storage space used. MaxCompute offers up to 1 GB of free storage space each day. Storage space used between 1 GB and 100 GB costs USD 0.0011 per GB. If you need more than 1 PB of storage space per day, you must submit a ticket to get a quote.
0 < Storage space ≤ 1 GB (USD/GB/day) 1 GB < Storage space ≤ 10 TB (USD/GB/day) 10 TB < Storage space ≤ 100 TB (USD/GB/day) Storage space > 100 TB (USD/GB/day)
Free 0.0011 0.0009 0.0006

For example, if the daily average data volume of a project is 1 PB, the daily expense for storage is as follows:

(10240 - 1) GB × USD 0.0011 per GB per day 
+ (102400 - 10240) GB × USD 0.0009 per GB per day 
+ (10240 × 10240 - 102400) GB × USD 0.0006 per GB per day 
= USD 661.9125 per day
  • MaxCompute compresses your data before storage. You are charged based on the data volume after compression. Therefore, the data volume that is billed is different from that calculated by yourself. Generally, the data volume after compression is about one fifth of the original one.
  • The system usually generates the bill within three to six hours after the current billing cycle. The daily bill is generated before 06:00 the next day. The specific time depends on the system billing time. MaxCompute storage fees are automatically collected from your account balance.
  • You can view your consumption details in Bill Management if needed.