This topic describes the fields of operation logs in Bastionhost (BH).

Log field Description
__topic__ The topic of a log entry.
owner_id The ID of an Alibaba Cloud account.
content The content of a log entry.
event_type The type of an event. For more information, see Table 1.
instance_id The ID of a bastion host.
log_level The severity of a log entry.
resource_address The address of the server where a resource resides.
resource_name The name of the resource on which an operation is performed.
result The result of an operation.
session_id The ID of a session.
user_client_ip The source IP address.
user_id The ID of a user.
user_name The username.
Table 1. Event types
Event type Description
cmd.Command The CMD commands.
file.Upload Uploads a file.
file.Download Downloads a file.
file.Rename Renames a file.
file.Delete Deletes a file.
file.DeleteDir Deletes a directory.
file.CreateDir Creates a directory.
graph.Text Text event.
graph.Keyboard Keyboard event.