This topic describes the limits of the alerting feature in Log Service.

Alerting (New)

Category Item Description
Alert monitoring Maximum number of monitoring tasks A maximum of 100 monitoring tasks can be created for each project.

To increase the quota, you can submit a ticket.

Search and analytic statements For more information about the limits on search and analytic statements, see Search, analytics, and visualization.
Query result If more than 1,000 rows are returned for each query, only the first 1,000 rows are selected for set operations.

If you specify three query statements and select No Merge, the first 100 rows are returned for each query.

Number of query statements Valid values: 1 to 3.
Length of a field value If the length of a field value exceeds 1,024 characters, only the first 1,024 characters are extracted for analysis.
Time range for a query statement The time range for a query statement cannot exceed 24 hours.
Alert management Regions where incident management is supported Incident management is supported in the following regions:
  • Mainland China: China (Chengdu), China (Heyuan), China (Hohhot), China (Guangzhou), China (Qingdao), China (Ulanqab), China (Hong Kong), China (Hangzhou), China (Shenzhen), China (Shanghai), China East 2 Finance, China South 1 Finance
  • Outside mainland China: Singapore (Singapore), UAE (Dubai), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), India (Mumbai), Japan (Tokyo), Germany (Frankfurt), UK (London), Australia (Sydney), US (Silicon Valley), and US (Virginia)
Incident comment You can add a maximum of 10 comments for each incident. If you add more than 10 comments, old comments are automatically overwritten by new comments, starting from the oldest comment.
Notification management Alert template variable The maximum size of a variable is 2 KB. If the size exceeds 2 KB, the excess part is truncated.
Notification method quota Each recipient can receive a maximum of 9,999 emails, SMS messages, or phone calls per day. For more information, see Configure notification quotas.

Alerting (Old)

Limit Description
Associated charts Each alert rule can be associated with one to three charts.
Field value size If the size of a field value exceeds 1,024 characters, Log Service extracts only the first 1,024 characters for processing.
Trigger condition
  • Each trigger condition must be 1 to 128 characters in length.
  • If a query result includes more than 100 rows, Log Service only checks whether the first 100 rows meet the trigger condition.
  • Log Service checks a trigger condition for a maximum of 1,000 times.
Query time range The maximum time range that can be specified for each query is 24 hours.