This topic describes the actions that a Resource Access Management (RAM) user can perform on Log Service resources.

Actions that a RAM user can perform on Log Service resources

The following table describes the actions that you can authorize a RAM user to perform on Log Service resources.
Resource type Action Description
Project log:CreateProject Creates a project.
log:GetProject Queries the attributes of a project.
Logstore log:GetLogStoreLogs Queries logs in a Logstore of a specified project.
log:GetLogStoreHistogram Queries the distribution of logs in a Logstore of a project.
log:GetLogStore Queries the attributes of a Logstore.
log:ListLogStores Lists all Logstores in a project.
log:CreateLogStore Creates a Logstore in a project.
log:DeleteLogStore Deletes a Logstore, including all shards and indexes of the Logstore.
log:UpdateLogStore Updates the attributes of a Logstore.
log:GetCursorOrData (GetCursor, PullLogs, and GetCursorTime) Queries a cursor based on the server time, queries logs in a specified shard based on a cursor, and queries the server time based on a cursor.
log:ListShards Lists all available shards in a Logstore.
log:PostLogStoreLogs Writes logs to a Logstore.
log:GetShipperStatus Queries the status of LogShipper tasks.
log:RetryShipperTask Re-runs failed LogShipper tasks.
log:CreateIndex Creates indexes for a Logstore.
log:DeleteIndex Deletes indexes from a Logstore.
log:GetIndex Queries the indexes of a Logstore.
log:UpdateIndex Updates the indexes of a Logstore.
Config log:CreateConfig Creates a Logtail configuration in a project.
log:UpdateConfig Updates a Logtail configuration.
log:DeleteConfig Deletes a Logtail configuration.
log:GetConfig Queries the details of a Logtail configuration.
log:ListConfig Lists all Logtail configurations in a project. You can configure related parameters to specify the number of entries to display on each page.
MachineGroup log:CreateMachineGroup Creates a machine group to specify the servers from which logs are collected.
log:UpdateMachineGroup Updates a machine group.
log:DeleteMachineGroup Deletes a machine group.
log:GetMachineGroup Queries the details of a machine group.
log:ListMachineGroup Lists machine groups.
log:ListMachines Lists the machines in a machine group. The machines are connected to Log Service.
log:ApplyConfigToMachineGroup Applies a Logtail configuration to a machine group.
log:RemoveConfigFromMachineGroup Deletes a Logtail configuration from a machine group.
log:GetAppliedMachineGroups Lists the machines to which a Logtail configuration is applied.
log:GetAppliedConfigs Lists the Logtail configurations that are applied to a machine group.
ConsumerGroup log:CreateConsumerGroup Creates a consumer group in a Logstore.
log:UpdateConsumerGroup Modifies the attributes of a consumer group.
log:DeleteConsumerGroup Deletes a consumer group.
log:ListConsumerGroup Lists all consumer groups in a specified Logstore.
log:UpdateCheckPoint Updates the checkpoint of a shard in a specified consumer group.
log:HeartBeat Sends a heartbeat packet to Log Service for a consumer.
log:GetCheckPoint Retrieves the checkpoints of one or all shards in a specified consumer group.
SavedSearch log:CreateSavedSearch Creates a saved search.
log:UpdateSavedSearch Updates a saved search.
log:GetSavedSearch Queries a saved search.
log:DeleteSavedSearch Deletes a saved search.
log:ListSavedSearch Queries the saved search list.
Dashboard log:CreateDashboard Creates a dashboard.
log:UpdateDashboard Updates a dashboard.
log:GetDashboard Queries a dashboard.
log:DeleteDashboard Deletes a dashboard.
log:ListDashboard Lists dashboards.
Job log:CreateJob Creates a task, for example, an alert or a subscription.
log:UpdateJob Updates a task.
App log:CreateApp Grants a RAM user the permissions to create an application.
log:UpdateApp Grants a RAM user the permissions to update an application.
log:GetApp Grants a RAM user the permissions to query an application.
log:DeleteApp Grants a RAM user the permissions to delete an application.