This topic describes the common errors that you may encounter when you use MaxCompute.

Error description

A MaxCompute error message is in the following format:
Error ID:General description - Context description
Example: ODPS-0130131:Table not found - "myproject" "mytable". In this example, error ID ODPS-0130131 corresponds to the general description Table not found. The context description provides error information for you to locate the error.
Note An error code is a prompt to help you locate a problem. For more information about how to locate a problem, see Logview.
Format of an error ID:
Format description:
  • MM: the module ID, which is a two-digit integer. For example, 00 indicates an exception in the common framework, and 01 indicates an SQL task exception.
  • CCCC: the error code, which is a four-digit integer.
  • X: the severity of an exception, which is a one-digit integer. 1 indicates a minor error, such as an invalid user input. 9 indicates an error of the highest severity, such as an atomicity error.

Common errors

For more information about the common errors of MaxCompute SQL, MapReduce, and Tunnel tasks, see the following topics: