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Last Updated: Sep 13, 2019
  1. Why am I charged RMB 2 on a daily basis?

    MQ fees. MQ fees equal the total value of the API calling fee and the topic resource occupation fee. The resource occupation fee for each topic is RMB 2/day.

  2. Why did I receive a bill and get charged today even though I already deleted the topic yesterday?

    The topic resource occupation fee is calculated from 00:00 to 23:59:59 each day, and is billed on the next day. Therefore, the topic that you deleted yesterday had already been counted in the billing system, so you received a bill today. You will not receive a bill tomorrow.

  3. Why did I get charged even though I did not use the MQ service?

    Check the bill to see if you have used any MQ service.


    expensescenter2If you do not need to use the MQ service any more, delete all resources in the MQ console to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

  4. Why did I get charged even though I did not activate MQ in the console?

    When your MQ instance has been in arrears for more than 72 hours, Alibaba Cloud will suspend the service. Your access to the MQ console and MQ API will be denied. However, you still have to pay the arrears incurred before you release the MQ service.

  5. How do I disable the MQ service?

    Delete the topic resources in all regions, and disable all producers and consumers.

  6. The total number of messages in one day was 631,238, but according to the bill, the number of API calls was 126,315,056. Where did these API calls come from?

    Number of API calls = Number of API calls to transmit messages + Number of API calls to subscribe to messages + Number of long polling API calls. Note: A long polling request is an API call generated by the MQ consumer to push a message in real time. Each queue generates a long polling request every 15 seconds. If a message is generated within these 15 seconds, the long polling request will not be counted.