This topic describes how to import and export MaxCompute data by using DataWorks Data Integration.

Background information

Data Integration in DataWorks supports the MaxCompute data source. It allows you to write data from other data sources to MaxCompute or write MaxCompute data to other data sources. Leveraging the underlying Tunnel feature, Data Integration achieves the MaxCompute data read and write functions.

You can import and export data in wizard or script mode. This topic details data import and export in wizard mode.
Note For more information about data import and export in script mode, see Create a sync node by using the code editor.


  1. On the Data Integration page, configure the MaxCompute data source. For more information, see Configure a MaxCompute connection.
  2. On the Data Analytics page, create a business flow. For more information, see Create a workflow.
  3. Create an offline data synchronization node.
  4. Select a data source.
  5. Select a data destination.
    • To import data to MaxCompute, select MaxCompute as the data destination.
    • To export data from MaxCompute, select another data source as the data destination.
  6. Map the fields in the source and destination tables.
  7. Configure channel control policies.
  8. Configure the node properties.
  9. Save the configurations and click 11.