This topic describes the syntax of mathematical calculation functions and provides usage examples.

Basic syntax

  • Mathematical calculation functions support the following operators: +-*/%.
  • In the following functions, x and y can be numbers, log fields, or expressions whose calculation result is a number.
Function Description
abs(x) Calculates the absolute value of a number.
cbrt(x) Calculates the cube root of a number.
sqrt(x) Calculates the square root of a number.
cosine_similarity(x,y) Calculates the cosine similarity between x and y.
degrees(x) Converts radians to degrees.
radians(x) Converts degrees to radians.
e() Calculates the natural logarithm of a number.
exp(x) Returns the exponent of a natural logarithm.
ln(x) Calculates the natural logarithm of a number.
log2(x) Calculates the base-2 logarithm of a number.
log10(x) Calculates the base-10 logarithm of a number.
log(x,b) Calculates the base-b logarithm of a number.
pi() Returns the value of π to 14 decimal places.
pow(x,b) Calculates the value of a number raised to the power of b.
rand() Returns a random number.
random(0,n) Returns a random number that is greater than or equal to 0 and less than n.
round(x) Returns a number rounded to the nearest integer.
round(x, N) Returns a number rounded to N decimal places.
floor(x) Returns a number rounded down to the nearest integer.

For example, when you execute the * | SELECT floor(2.5) statement, 2.0 is returned.

ceiling(x) Returns a number rounded up to the nearest integer.

For example, when you run the * | SELECT ceiling(2.5) statement, 3.0 is returned.

from_base(varchar, bigint) Converts a string to a base-encoded number.
to_base(x, radix) Converts a number to a base-encoded string.
truncate(x) Truncates the fractional part of a number.
acos(x) Calculates the arc cosine of a number.
asin(x) Calculates the arc sine of a number.
atan(x) Calculates the arc tangent of a number.
atan2(y,x) Calculates the arc tangent of the quotient of a number divided by another number.
cos(x) Calculates the cosine of a number.
sin(x) Calculates the sine of a number.
cosh(x) Calculates the hyperbolic cosine of a number.
tan(x) Calculates the tangent of a number.
tanh(x) Calculates the hyperbolic tangent of a number.
infinity() Returns a positive infinity value.
is_nan(x) Determines whether a value is a non-numeric value.


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