If you have activated MaxCompute, you can use the MaxCompute query editor to obtain and query the tables from public datasets. This helps you quickly get started with MaxCompute. This topic describes the public datasets of MaxCompute and how to use the MaxCompute query editor to query and analyze data in the public datasets.


Data in the public datasets of MaxCompute is only for product testing. The data is not periodically updated and its accuracy is not ensured. Therefore, do not use the data in the production process.

Usage notes

You can authorize all MaxCompute users to access the public datasets by using a special authorization mechanism of MaxCompute. When you use the public datasets, take note of the following items:
  • All data is stored in the public MaxCompute project MAXCOMPUTE_PUBLIC_DATA. No MaxCompute users belong to this project. Therefore, when you compile an SQL script to access the public datasets, you must specify the project name before the table name. The following statement shows an example:
    Note You can view the data in the public datasets free of charge. However, you are charged when you execute query statements. For more information about billing rules,see .
  • You cannot find the tables in the public datasets on the Data Map page of DataWorks because cross-project access is required.

Public datasets

The following tables describe the details of each public dataset in the MAXCOMPUTE_PUBLIC_DATA project.